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Insertion: Objects and toys inserted

Intimate placement for ultimate pleasure

The Insertion category on is a collection of videos that feature various objects being inserted into the body. This category is perfect for those who enjoy the sensation of being filled up or those who are curious about exploring new sexual experiences. The category offers a wide range of videos that cater to different preferences, including anal, vaginal, and oral insertions. One of the main benefits of the Insertion category is that it provides users with a safe and consensual way to explore their sexuality. The videos in this category are produced by professional studios and feature performers who are comfortable with the act of insertion. This means that users can enjoy the videos without feeling guilty or ashamed. The content in the Insertion category is diverse and includes videos featuring toys, dildos, and other objects that are used to penetrate the body. Some videos may also feature double penetration, where two objects are used to fill up the same or different openings. The category also includes videos that feature various positions, such as doggy style or cowgirl, that allow for easier insertion. In addition to the variety of content, the Insertion category also offers users the chance to explore different types of insertion. For example, users can watch videos that feature anal insertion, vaginal insertion, or oral insertion. This allows users to find the type of insertion that they enjoy the most and explore it in greater detail. Overall, the Insertion category on is a great way for users to explore their sexuality in a safe and consensual way. With a wide range of videos featuring different types of insertion and different positions, users can find the content that best suits their preferences. So, if you're looking to explore new sexual experiences or simply enjoy the sensation of being filled up, the Insertion category is the perfect place to start.